Famous people in horse-racing and breeding

Well, we all know it's not about fame. During decaded, there were just some very special people with an extraordinary ability to understand thoroughbreds... whether it was breeding them, training them, or riding them. We all know the names, but it's so easy to forget what these great people have achieved.

We would like to remember these people and their outstanding work, but we had to find our way to do so. It doesn't make much sense to repeat the things published in any biography. Also, this approach would take a lot of time we can spend on a more needful work. So we decided to concentrate on data, which can provide a better general overview of professional achievements than a biography, and still can reveal many interesting stories.

However, as we explained on the index page, work on this section has been paused recently due to our work on bloodlines. But we want to keep this concept alive, and we will return to these profiles as soon as possible.

Sir Henry Cecil11 January 1943 - 11 June 2013Outstanding British thoroughbred trainer and ten times champion