Great Britain's graded racing calendar

Updated: 29th October 2018

The following table contains all grade races, which are currently held in Great Britain. However, a sequence of races can vary in different seasons.

Colour distinction:

Asc - Ascot, Ches - Chester, Don - Doncaster, Eps - Epsom, Good - Goodwood, Hay - Haydock, Kem - Kempton, Lin - Lingfield, Nwb - Newbury, Nwc - Newcastle, Nwm - Newmarket, Sal - Salisbury, San - Sandown, Win - Windsor, Yor - York

Nell Gwynn Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, Nwmclassic trial
Earl of Sefton Stakes, G3, 4yo+, 1 1/8m, Nwm
Abernant Stakes, G3, 3yo+, 6f, Nwm
Craven Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yocg, Newmclassic trial
John Porter Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, Nwb
Fred Darling Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yof, Nwbclassic trial
Greenham Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yocg, Nwbclassic trial
Gordon Richards Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, San
Sandown Classic Trial, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, San
AprilG2Sandown MileSandown1 mile4+bet365 Mile, ex Forte Mile
Sagaro Stakes, G3, 2m, 4yo+, Asc
Pavilion Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo, Asc
Palace House Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Nwm
April / MayG2Jockey Club StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles4+
April / MayG12,000 Guineas StakesNewmarket1 mile3f
April / MayG2Dahlia StakesNewmarket1 1/8 miles4+f
April / MayG11,000 Guineas StakesNewmarket1 mile3
Chester Vase, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yocg, Chesclassic trial
Ormonde Stakes, G3, 1 11/16m, 4yo+, Ches
MayG2Huxley StakesChester1 5/16 miles4+
Chartwell Fillies' Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, Lin
MayG2Duke of York StakesYork6 furlongs3+
Musidora Stakes, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yof, Yorkclassic trial
MayG2Middleton StakesYork1 5/16 miles4+fpromoted to G2 in 2010
MayG2Dante StakesYork1 5/16 miles3
MayG2Yorkshire CupYork1 3/4 miles4+
Aston Park Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, Nwb
MayG1Lockinge StakesNewbury1 mile4+
Henry II. Stakes, G3, 2m, 4yo+, San
Brigadier Gerard Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 4yo+, San
MayG2Sandy Lane StakesHaydock6 furlongs3listed prior to 2015
MayG2Temple StakesHaydock5 furlongs3+
May / JuneG1Coronation CupEpsom1 1/2 miles4+
May / JuneG1Oaks StakesEpsom1 1/2 miles3f
Princess Elizabeth Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+f, Eps
Diomed Stakes, G3, 1 1/16m, 3yo+, Eps
JuneG1Derby StakesEpsom1 1/2 miles3
Pinnacle Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+f, Hay
John O'Gaunt Stakes, G3, 7f, 4yo+, Hay
JuneG1Queen Anne StakesAscot1 mile4+Royal Ascot
JuneG2Coventry StakesAscot6 furlongs2Royal Ascot
JuneG1King's Stand StakesAscot5 furlongs3+Royal Ascot
JuneG1St. James's Palace StakesAscot1 mile3cRoyal Ascot
Jersey Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo, AscRoyal Ascot
JuneG2Queen Mary StakesAscot5 furlongs2fRoyal Ascot
JuneG2Queen's VaseAscot1 3/4 miles3Royal Ascot
JuneG2Duke of Cambridge StakesAscot1 mile4+fex Windsor Forest Stakes
JuneG1Prince of Wales's StakesAscot1 1/4 miles4+Royal Ascot
JuneG2Norfolk StakesAscot5 furlongs2Royal Ascot
Hampton Court Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo, AscRoyal Ascot
JuneG2Ribblesdale StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3fRoyal Ascot
JuneG1Gold CupAscot2 1/2 miles4+Royal Ascot
Albany Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, AscRoyal Ascot
JuneG2King Edward VII StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3c,gRoyal Ascot
JuneG1Commonwealth CupAscot6 furlongs3inaugurated in 2015, when the Diamond Jubilee Stakes were closed for 3yos
JuneG1Coronation StakesAscot1 mile3fRoyal Ascot
JuneG2Hardwicke StakesAscot1 1/2 miles4+Royal Ascot
JuneG1Diamond Jubilee StakesAscot6 furlongs4+Royal Ascot
Hoppings Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+f, Nwc
Chipchase Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Nwc
Criterion Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Nwm
Sprint Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, San
JulyG1Eclipse StakesSandown1 1/4 miles3+
JulyG2Lancashire OaksHaydock1 1/2 miles3+f
Bahrain Trophy, G3, 1 5/8m, 3yo, Nwm
JulyG2July StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2c,g
JulyG2Princess of Wales's StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles3+
Summer Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+f, Yor
JulyG2Duchess of Cambridge StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2fex Cherry Hinton Stakes
JulyG1Falmouth StakesNewmarket1 mile3+f
JulyG2Superlative StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2
JulyG1July CupNewmarket6 furlongs3+
JulyG2Summer Mile StakesAscot1 mile4+
Silver Cup Stakes, G3, 1 3/4m, 4yo+, Yor
Hackwood Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Nwb
Princess Margaret Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Asc
JulyG1King George VI and Queen Elizabeth StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3+
JulyG2York StakesYork1 5/16 miles3+
July / AugustG2Vintage StakesGoodwood7 furlongs2Glorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Lennox StakesGoodwood7 furlongs3+Glorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Goodwood CupGoodwood2 miles3+Glorious Goodwood
Molecomb Stakes, G3, 5f, 2yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG1Sussex StakesGoodwood1 mile3+Glorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Lillie Langtry StakesGoodwood1 3/4 miles3+fGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2Richmond StakesGoodwood6 furlongs2c,gGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG1Nassau StakesGoodwood1 1/4 miles3+fGlorious Goodwood
Glorious Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 4yo+, GoodGlorious Goodwood
Thoroughbred Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
July / AugustG2King George StakesGoodwood5 furlongs3+Glorious Goodwood
Oak Tree Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, GoodGlorious Goodwood
Gordon Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo, GoodGlorious Goodwood
Rose of Lancaster Stakes, G3, 1 5/16m, 3yo+, Hay
Sweet Solera Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Nwm
Sovereign Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+cg, Sal
Geoffrey Freer Stakes, G3, 1 11/16m, 3yo+, Nwb
AugustG2Hungerford StakesNewbury7 furlongs3+
Acomb Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yo, Yor
AugustG2Great Voltigeur StakesYork1 1/2 miles3c,g
AugustG1International StakesYork1 5/16 miles3+
AugustG2Lowther StakesYork6 furlongs2f
AugustG1Yorkshire OaksYork1 1/2 miles3+f
AugustG2Lonsdale CupYork2 miles3+
AugustG2Gimcrack StakesYork6 furlongs2c,g
AugustG1Nunthorpe StakesYork5 furlongs2+
Strensall Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, Yor
City of York Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Yor
AugustG2Celebration MileGoodwood1 mile3+ex Wills Mile, Goodwood Mile, and Waterford Crystal Mile
Prestige Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Good
March Stakes, G3, 1 3/4m, 3yo, Good
Winter Hill Stakes, G3, 1 1/4m, 3yo+, Win
Supreme Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+, Good
Atalanta Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+f, Sand
Solario Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yo, San
Dick Poole Fillies' Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Sal
September Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Kem
Sirenia Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yo, Kem
Superior Mile Stakes, G3, 1m, 3yo+, Hay
SeptemberG1Sprint CupHaydock6 furlongs3+
SeptemberG2May Hill StakesDoncaster1 mile2f
SeptemberG2Park Hill StakesDoncaster1 13/16 miles3+f
Sceptre Stakes, G3, 7f, 3yo+f, Don
SeptemberG2Flying Childers StakesDoncaster5 furlongs2
SeptemberG2Doncaster CupDoncaster2 1/4 miles3+
SeptemberG2Park StakesDoncaster7 furlongs3+
SeptemberG2Champagne StakesDoncaster7 furlongs2c,g
SeptemberG1St. Leger StakesDoncaster1 13/16 miles3
Legacy Cup Stakes, G3, 1 3/8m, 3yo+, Nwb
SeptemberG2Mill Reef StakesNewbury6 furlongs2
World Trophy Stakes, G3, 5f, 3yo+, Nwb
Firth of Clyde Stakes, G3, 6f, 2yof, Ayr
Somerville Tattersalls Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yocg, Nwm
Princess Royal Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Newmarket
SeptemberG2Rockfel StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2f
SeptemberG2Joel StakesNewmarket1 mile3+promoted to G2 in 2011
SeptemberG2Royal Lodge StakesNewmarket1 1/2 miles2c,g
SeptemberG1Cheveley Park StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2f
SeptemberG1Middle Park StakesNewmarket6 furlongs2c
OctoberG1Sun Chariot StakesNewmarket1 mile3+f
Cumberland Lodge Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Asc
Bengough Stakes, G3, 6f, 3yo+, Asc
Cornwallis Stakes, G3, 5f, 2yo, Nwm
Oh So Sharp Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yof, Nwm
OctoberG2Challenge StakesNewmarket7 furlongs3+
OctoberG1Fillies' MileNewmarket1 mile2f
Autumn Stakes, G3, 1m, 2yo, Nwm
OctoberG1Dewhurst StakesNewmarket7 furlongs2
Darley Stakes, G3, 1 1/8m, 3yo+, Nwm
OctoberG2British Champions Long Distance CupAscot2 miles3+ex Jockey Club Cup
OctoberG1British Champions Sprint StakesAscot6 furlongs3+ex Diadem Stakes G3; promoted to G1 in 2015
OctoberG1British Champions Fillies' and Mares' StakesAscot1 1/2 miles3+fex Princess Royal Stakes, Pride Stakes
OctoberG1Queen Elizabeth II StakesAscot1 mile3+
OctoberG1Champion StakesAscot1 1/4 miles3+
OctoberG1Racing Post TrophyDoncaster1 mile2
St. Simon Stakes, G3, 1 1/2m, 3yo+, Nwb
Horris Hill Stakes, G3, 7f, 2yocg, Nwb