The U.S. Hall of Fame - Flat Horses

Author: Jana Nemeckova, published: 11th January 2018

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The American thoroughbred Hall of Fame was founded in 1950 in Saratoga Springs, together with the National Museum of Racing. The Hall of Fame has its nominating committee, which selects several candidates from the four contemporary categories: male horse, female horse, jockey, and trainer. The chosen candidates are presented to voters, and new inductees are announced usually during the Kentucky Derby week.

For now, we have only a basic list of the equine Hall of Fame members - of the flat horses, to be exact. But we would like to make short profiles similar to those in the Japanese Hall of Fame, which will take some time, and of course, we want also to add jockeys and trainers in the near future.


1805Sir Archy7-4-1-0-Diomed - Castianira, Rockingham1955
1814American Eclipse8-8-0-025,000Duroc - Miller's Damsel, Messenger1970
1833Boston45-40-2-151,700Timoleon - Sister to Tuckahoe, Ball's Florizel1955
1837Fashion (f)36-32-4-041,500Trustee - Bonnets o'Blue, Sir Charles1980
1850Lexington7-6-1-056,600Boston - Alice Carneal, Sarpedon1955
1855Planet31-27-4-069,700Revenue - Nina, Boston2012
1861Kentucky23-21-0-033,700Lexington - Magnolia, Glencoe1983
1864Ruthless (f)11-7-4-011,000Eclipse - Barbarity, Simoon1975
1867Longfellow17-13-2-011,200Leamington - Nantura, Brawner's Eclipse1971
1868Harry Bassett36-23-5-355,920Lexington - Canary Bird, Albion2010
1872Ten Broeck30-23-3-127,550Phaeton - Fanny Holton, Lexington1982
1872Tom Ochiltree33-21-5-341,455Lexington - Katona, Voucher2016
1873Parole138-59-28-1782,816Leamington - Maiden, Lexington1984
1875Duke of Magenta19-15-3-145,412Lexington - Magenta, Yorkshire2011
1877Luke Blackburn39-25-6-249,460Bonnie Scotland - Nevada, Lexington1956
1878Hindoo35-30-3-271,875Virgil - Florence, Lexington1955
1880Miss Woodford (f)48-37-7-2118,270Billet - Fancy Jane, Neil Robinson1967
1884Hanover50-32-14-2118,887Hindoo - Bourbon Belle, Bonnie Scotland1955
1884Kingston138-89-33-12140,195Spendthrift - Kapanga, Victorious1955
1884Firenze (f)82-47-21-9112,471Glenelg - Florida, Virgil1981
1885Emperor of Norfolk29-21-2-479,290Norfolk - Marian, Malcolm1988
1886Salvator19-16-1-1113,240Prince Charlie - Salina, Lexington1955
1890Clifford62-42-10-865,143Bramble - Duchess, Kingfisher2014
1891Domino25-19-2-1193,550Himyar - Mannie Gray, Enquirer1955
1891Henry of Navarre42-29-8-368,985Knight of Ellerslie - Moss Rose, The Ill-Used1985
1893Ben Brush40-25-5-565,208Bramble - Roseville, Reform1955
1894Imp (f)171-62-35-2970,069Wagner - Fondling, Fonso1965
1895Hamburg21-16-3-260,380Hanover - Lady Reel, Fellowcraft1986
1898Commando9-7-2-058,196Domino - Emma C, Darebin1956
1901Beldame (f)31-17-6-4102,570Octagon - Bella Donna, Hermit1956
1901Broomstick39-14-11-574,730Ben Brush - Elf, Galliard1956
1901Roseben111-52-25-1275,110Ben Strome - Rose Leaf, Duke of Montrose1956
1902Artful (f)8-6-2-081,125Hamburg - Martha II, Dandie Dinmont1956
1902Sysonby15-14-0-1184,438Melton - Optime, Orme1956
1904Peter Pan17-10-3-1115,450Commando - Cinderella, Hermit1956
1905Colin15-15-0-0180,912Commando - Pastorella, Springfield1956
1905Fair Play32-10-11-386,950Hastings - Fairy Gold, Bend Or1956
1906Maskette (f)17-12-3-077,090Disguise - Biturica, Hamburg2001
1907Whisk Broom II26-10-7-137,931Broomstick - Audience, Sir Dixon1979
1910Pan Zareta (f)151-76-32-2139,082Abe Frank - Caddie Griffith, Rancocas1972
1911Old Rosebud80-40-13-874,729Uncle - Ivory Bells, Himyar1968
1911Roamer98-39-26-998,828Knight Errant - Rose Tree, Bona Vista1981
1912Regret (f)11-9-1-035,093Broomstick - Jersey Lightning, Hamburg1957
1915Exterminator100-50-17-17252,996McGee - Fair Empress, Jim Gore1957
1916Sir Barton31-13-6-5116,857Star Shoot - Lady Sterling, Hanover1957
1916Billy Kelly69-39-14-799,782Dick Welles - Glena, Free Knight2015
1917Man o' War21-20-1-0249,465Fair Play - Mahubah, Rock Sand1957
1918Grey Lag47-25-9-3136,375Star Shoot - Miss Minnie, Meddler1957
1920Zev43-23-8-5313,639The Finn - Miss Kearney, Planudes1983
1921Sarazen55-27-2-6225,000High Time - Rush Box, Box1957
1921Princess Doreen (f)94-37-15-17174,745Spanish Prince - Lady Doreen, Ogden1982
1921Black Gold35-18-5-4111,553Black Toney - U-See-It, Bonnie Joe1989
1923Crusader42-18-8-4203,261Man o'War - Star Fancy, Star Shoot1995
1925Reigh Count27-12-4-0180,795Sunreigh - Contessina, Count Schomberg1978
1925Sun Beau74-33-12-10376,744Sun Briar - Beautiful Lady, Fair Play1996
1926Blue Larkspur16-10-3-1272,070Black Servant - Blossom Time, North Star1957
1927Gallant Fox17-11-3-2328,165Sir Gallahad - Marguerite, Celt1957
1928Equipoise51-29-10-4338,610Pennant - Swinging, Broomstick1957
1928Twenty Grand23-14-4-3261,790St. Germans - Bonus, All Gold1957
1929Top Flight (f)16-12-0-0275,900Dis Donc - Flyatit, Peter Pan1966
1931Discovery63-27-10-10195,287Display - Ariadne, Light Brigade1969
1931Cavalcade22-8-5-3127,165Lancegaye - Hastily, Hurry On1993
1932Omaha22-9-7-2154,755Gallant Fox - Flambino, Wrack1965
1932Myrtlewood (f) 22-15-4-240,620Blue Larkspur - Frizeur, Sweeper1979
1932Black Helen (f)22-15-0-261,800Black Toney - La Troienne, Teddy1991
1933Seabiscuit89-33-15-1437,730Hard Tack - Swing On, Tea Biscuit1958
1933Granville18-8-4-3111,820Gallant Fox - Gravita, Sarmatian1997
1934War Admiral26-21-3-1273,240Man o'War - Brushup, Sweep1958
1936Challedon44-20-7-6334,660Challenger - Laura Gal, Sir Gallahad1977
1936Johnstown21-14-0-3169,315Jamestown - La France, Sir Gallahad1992
1936Eight Thirty27-16-3-5155,475Pilate - Dinner Time, High Time1994
1937Bimelech15-11-2-1248,745Black Toney - La Troienne, Teddy1990
1938Whirlaway60-32-15-9561,161Blenheim - Dustwhirl, Sweep1959
1939Alsab51-25-11-5350,015Good Goods - Winds Chant, Wildair1976
1939Devil Diver47-22-12-3261,064St. Germans - Dabchick, Royal Minstrel1980
1940Count Fleet21-16-4-1250,300Reigh Count - Quickly, Haste1961
1941Armed81-41-20-10817,475Bull Lea - Armful, Chance Shot1963
1941Twilight Tear (f)24-18-2-2202,165Bull Lea - Lady Lark, Blue Larkspur1963
1941Stymie131-35-33-28918,485Equestrian - Stop Watch, On Watch1975
1942Gallorette (f)72-21-20-13445,535Challenger - Gallette, Sir Gallahad1962
1942Busher (f)21-15-3-1334,035War Admiral - Baby League, Bubbling Over1964
1943Assault42-18-6-7675,470Bold Venture - Igual, Equipoise1964
1945Citation45-32-10-21,085,760Bull Lea - Hydroplane, Hyperion1959
1945Bewitch (f)55-20-10-11462,605Bull Lea - Potheen, Wildair1977
1945Coaltown39-23-6-3415,675Bull Lea - Easy Lass, Blenheim1983
1945Noor31-12-6-6383,968Nasrullah - Queen of Baghdad, Bahram2002
1946Two Lea (f)26-15-6-3309,250Bull Lea - Two Bob, The Porter1982
1947Bed o'Roses (f)46-18-8-6383,925Rosemont - Good Thing, Discovery1976
1947Hill Prince30-17-5-4422,140Princequillo - Hildene, Bubbling Over1991
1949Tom Fool30-21-7-1570,165Menow - Gaga, Bull Dog1960
1949Real Delight (f)15-12-1-0261,822Bull Lea - Blue Delight, Blue Larkspur1987
1950Native Dancer22-21-1-0785,240Polynesian - Geisha, Discovery1963
1952Nashua30-22-4-11,288,565Nasrullah - Segula, Johnstown1965
1952Swaps25-19-2-2848,900Khaled - Iron Reward, Beau Pere1966
1952Searching (f)89-25-14-16327,381War Admiral - Big Hurry, Black Toney1978
1953Needles21-11-3-3600,355Ponder - Noodle Soup, Jack High2000
1953Swoon's Son51-30-10-3970,605The Doge - Swoon, Sweep Like2007
1954Round Table66-43-8-51,749,869Princequillo - Knight's Daughter, Sir Cosmo1972
1954Bold Ruler33-23-4-2764,204Nasrullah - Miss Disco, Discovery1973
1954Gallant Man26-14-4-1510,355Migoli - Majideh, Mahmoud1987
1955Tim Tam14-10-1-2467,475Tom Fool - Two Lea, Bull Lea1985
1956Sword Dancer39-15-7-4829,610Sunglow - Highland Fling, By Jimminy1977
1956Silver Spoon (f)27-13-3-4313,930Citation - Silver Fog, Mahmoud1978
1957Kelso63-39-12-21,977,896Your Host - Maid of Flight, Count Fleet1967
1958Carry Back61-21-11-111,241,165Saggy - Joppy, Star Blen1975
1958Bowl of Flowers (f)16-10-3-3398,504Sailor - Flower Bowl, Alibhai2004
1959Cicada (f)42-23-8-6783,674Bryan G. - Satsuma, Bossuet1967
1959Native Diver81-37-7-121,026,500Imbros - Fleet Diver, Devil Diver1978
1960Affectionately (f)52-28-8-6546,659Swaps - Searching, War Admiral1989
1960Gun Bow42-17-8-4798,722Gun Shot - Ribbons And Bows, War Admiral1999
1961Northern Dancer18-14-2-2580,647Nearctic - Natalma, Native Dancer1976
1961Tosmah39-23-6-2612,588Tim Tam - Cosmah, Cosmic Bomb1984
1963Buckpasser31-25-4-11,462,014Tom Fool - Busanda, War Admiral1970
1964Dr. Fager22-18-2-11,002,642Rough'n Tumble - Aspidistra, Better Self1971
1964Damascus32-21-7-31,176,781Sword Dancer - Kerala, My Babu1974
1964Gamely (f)41-16-9-6574,961Bold Ruler - Gambetta, My Babu1980
1964Fort Marcy75-21-18-141,109,791Amerigo - Key Bridge, Princequillo1998
1965Dark Mirage (f)27-12-3-2362,789Persian Road - Home by Dark, Hill Prince1974
1966Shuvee44-16-10-6890,445Nashua - Levee, Hill Prince1975
1966Gallant Bloom (f)22-16-1-1535,739Gallant Man - Multiflora, Beau Max1977
1966Ack Ack27-19-6-0636,641Battle Joined - Fast Turn, Turn-To1986
1966Majestic Prince10-9-1-0414,200Raise a Native - Gay Hostess, Royal Charger1988
1966Arts and Letters23-11-6-1632,404Ribot - All Beautiful, Battlefield1994
1966Ta Wee (f)21-15-2-1284,941Intentionally - Aspidistra, Better Self1994
1966Cougar II50-20-7-171,162,725Tale of Two Cities - Cindy Lou, Madara2006
1969Susan's Girl (f)63-29-14-111,251,668Quadrangle - Quaze, Quibu1976
1969Riva Ridge30-17-3-11,111,347First Landing - Iberia, Heliopolis1998
1970Secretariat21-16-3-11,316,808Bold Ruler - Somethingroyal, Princequillo1974
1970Desert Vixen (f)28-13-6-3421,538In Reality - Desert Trial, Moslem Chief1979
1970Forego57-34-9-71,938,957Forli - Lady Golconda, Hasty Road1979
1970Dahlia (f)46-15-3-71,489,105Vaguely Noble - Charming Alibi, Honeys Alibi1981
1970La Prevoyante (f)39-26-5-3572,417Buckpasser - Arctic Dancer, Nearctic1995
1970Ancient Title57-24-11-91,252,791Gummo - Hi Little Gal, Bar le Duc2008
1971Chris Evert (f)15-10-2-2679,475Swoon's Son - Miss Carmie, T. V. Lark1988
1972Ruffian (f)11-10-0-0313,428Reviewer - Shenanigans, Native Dancer1976
1972Foolish Pleasure26-16-4-31,216,705What a Pleasure - Fool-Me-Not, Tom Fool1995
1973Exceller33-15-5-61,654,003Vaguely Noble - Too Bald, Bald Eagle1999
1974Seattle Slew17-14-2-01,208,726Bold Reasoning - My Charmer, Poker1981
1975Affirmed26-22-5-12,393,818Exclusive Native - Won't Tell You, Crafty Admiral1980
1975Alydar26-14-9-1957,195Raise a Native - Sweet Tooth, On-And-On1989
1975John Henry83-39-15-96,591,860Ole Bob Bowers - Once Double, Double Jay1990
1976Spectacular Bid30-26-2-12,781,608Bold Bidder - Spectacular, Promised Land1982
1976Davona Dale (f)18-11-2-1641,612Best Turn - Royal Entrance, Tim Tam1985
1977Genuine Risk (f)15-10-3-2646,587Exclusive Native - Virtuous, Gallant Man1986
1977Bold 'n Determined (f)20-16-2-0949,599Bold And Brave - Pidi, Determine1997
1979All Along (f)21-9-4-23,018,420Targowice - Agujita, Vieux Manoir1990
1980Princess Rooney (f)21-17-2-11,343,339Verbatim - Parish Princess, Drone1991
1980Slew o' Gold21-12-5-13,533,534Seattle Slew - Alluvial, Buckpasser1992
1981Precisionist46-20-10-43,485,398Crozier - Excellently, Forli2003
1982Lady's Secret (f)45-25-9-33,021,325Secretariat - Great Lady M, Icecapade1992
1982Mom's Command (f)16-11-2-1902,972Top Command - Star Mommy, Pia Star2007
1983Manila18-12-5-02,692,799Lyphard - Dona Ysidra, Le Fabuleux2008
1984Alysheba26-11-8-26,679,242Alydar - Bel Sheba, Lt. Stevens1993
1984Personal Ensign (f)13-13-0-01,679,880Private Account - Grecian Banner, Hoist the Flag1993
1984Bayakoa (f)39-21-9-02,861,701Consultant's Bid - Arlucea, Good Manners1998
1984Miesque (f)16-12-3-12,096,517Nureyev - Pasadoble, Prove Out1999
1985Winning Colors (f)19-8-3-11,526,837Caro - All Rainbows, Bold Hour2000
1986Sunday Silence14-9-5-04,968,554Halo - Wishing Well, Understanding1996
1986Easy Goer20-14-5-14,873,770Alydar - Relaxing, Buckpasser1997
1986Open Mind (f)19-12-2-21,844,372Deputy Minister - Stage Luck, Stage Door Johnny2011
1986Safely Kept (f)31-24-3-32,194,206Horatius - Safely Home, Winning Hit2011
1987Go For Wand (f)13-10-2-01,373,338Deputy Minister - Obeah, Cyane1996
1987Paseana (f)36-19-10-03,317,427Ahmad - Pasifin, Flintham2001
1987Housebuster22-15-2-11,229,696Mt. Livermore - Big Dreams, Great Above2013
1988Dance Smartly (f)17-12-2-33,263,835Danzig - Classy 'n Smart, Smarten2003
1988Flawlessly (f)28-16-4-32,572,536Affirmed - La Confidence, Nijinsky2004
1988Best Pal47-18-11-45,668,245Habitony - Ubetshedid, King Pellinore2010
1989A.P. Indy11-8-0-12,979,815Seattle Slew - Weekend Surprise, Secretariat2000
1989Lure25-14-8-02,515,289Danzig - Endear, Alydar2013
1990Cigar33-19-4-59,999,815Palace Music - Solar Slew, Seattle Slew2002
1990Sky Beauty (f)21-15-2-21,336,000Blushing Groom - Maplejinsky, Nijinsky2011
1991Holy Bull16-13-0-02,481,760Great Above - Sharon Brown, Al Hattab2001
1991Inside Information (f)17-14-1-21,641,805Private Account - Pure Profit, Key to the Mint2008
1992Serena's Song (f)38-18-11-33,283,388Rahy - Imagining, Northfields2002
1993Skip Away38-18-10-69,616,360Skip Trial - Ingot Way, Diplomat Way2004
1994Silver Charm24-12-7-26,944,369Silver Buck - Bonnie's Poker, Poker2007
1996Silverbulletday23-15-3-13,093,207Silver Deputy - Rokeby Rose, Tom Rolfe2009
1997Tiznow15-8-4-26,427,830Cee's Tizzy - Cee's Song, Seattle Song2009
1998Azeri (f)24-17-4-04,079,820Jade Hunter - Zodiac Miss, Ahonoora2010
1998Point Given13-9-3-03,968,500Thunder Gulch - Turko's Turn, Turkoman2010
1998Xtra Heat (f)35-36-5-22,389,635Dixieland Heat - Begin, Hatchet Man2015
2000Ghostzapper11-9-0-13,446,120Awesome Again - Baby Zip, City Zip2012
2001Ashado (f)21-12-4-33,931,440Saint Ballado - Goulash, Mari's Book2014
2001Lava Man47-17-8-55,268,706Slew City Slew - L'il Ms. Leonard, Nostalgia's Star2015
2002Invasor12-11-0-07,804,070Candy Stripes - Quendom, Interprete2013
2004Curlin16-11-2-210,501,800Smart Strike - Sherriff's Deputy, Deputy Minister2014
2004Zenyatta (f)20-19-1-07,304,580Street Cry - Vertigineux, Kris S.2016
2005Goldikova (f)27-17-6-37,176,551Anabaa - Born Gold, Blushing Groom2017
2006Rachel Alexandra (f)19-13-5-03,506,730Medaglia d'Oro - Lotta Kim, Roar2016