Thoroughbred Mare Families

Thoroughbred families are entirely fascinating. Just like sirelines, you can trace them back to the origins of the thoroughbred breed, and going backwards, you can see all the tiny strands deriving from the original tree and blossoming in different times and at different places. The long-term history of mare families may not be as important as particular the sires in the first generations of the pedigree, but tracing them is the real beauty of thoroughbred breeding.

In the following list, you will find important branches of families, tracing them back approximately to the beginning of the 20th century; each of these branches will be listed under it's family number and contain listing of its ancestors back to the foundation mare.

Family 9

Old Vintner Mare - Lowther Barb Mare - Curwen Spot Mare - Sister to Mixbury - Sister to Soreheels (1711) - Cyprus Arabian Mare (1720) - Switch (1739) - Tipsy (1750) - Babraham Blank Mare (1771) - Columbine (1781) - Miss Murton (1790) - Delpini Mare (1807) - Comus Mare (1816) - Miss Lydia (1838) - Maid of Masham (1845) - Lady Masham (1867) - Pauline (1883) - Dame Masham (1889)

Fairy Gold (GB), 1896, by Bend Or

Features Al Bahathri, Ancasta, Arbar, Asmena, Bateau, Behera, Behkabad, Bien Bien, Boundary, Caracalla, Caravaggio, Classy Cathy, Coaraze, Corrida, Crepellana, Dalakhani, Dark Legend, Daylami, Double Brandy, Double Discount, Dubawi, Fair Play, Favorite Trick, Fidalgo, Forward Gal, Freedom Cry, Friar Rock, Galcador, Galene, Gay Lussac, Giant Killer, Gorella, Goya, Goyescas, Haafhd, High-Rise, In the Wings, Infamy, Jour et Nuit III, Lagunas, Lahib, Lavirco, Lirung, Lomitas, Lord Shanakill, Loyal Legion, Manassa Mauler, Marsyas, Military Attack, Northern Treasure, Oil Capitol, Oscar Schindler, Pay the Butler, Pistolet Bleu, Red Cadeaux, Rich Man's Gold, Rock View, Solitude, Snow Chief, Talgo, Terentia, Three Ring, Tyrone, Virginia Waters, Wicked Strong, Willamette, Zariba, Zomaradah

Family 11

Sedbury Royal Mare - Miss Darcy's Pet Mare - Grey Wilkes - Sister to Old Country Wench (1713) - Grey Robinson (1723) - Sister to Regulus (1743) - Snap Mare (1766) - Old Heroine (1775) - Young Heroine (1789) - Flight V (1809) - Guiccioli (1823) - Gramachree (1844) - Claret Cup (1861) - The Beauty (1870) - The Sleeping Beauty (1881) - Beauty's Daughter (1896) - Lady Daisy Cutter (1906) - Ka-Lu-A (1921)

Felsetta (GB), 1933

Features Arda, Ark Royal, Athdara, Bireme, Bolas, Buoy, Carrigavalla, Clear Rose, Cut Above, Cutter, Daffodil, Dash For Cash, Daylight Robbery, Dry Dock, Eagle, Fenomeno, Hermes, Indigenous, Jessicabeel, Kyak, L'Amour, Line of Thunder, Longboat, Mail the Desert, Marinaresco, Mariner, More Light, Nannina, Norse Dancer, Ocean, Persian Rug, Portmarnock, Pure Champipn, Rosie Rocket, Sea Anchor, Sharp Edge, Splendid Spur, Talent, Thunder Gulch, Torpid, Victor Cooley, Water Boatman, Welsh Woman