Origins Of the Breed III: Bonnie Scotland

Author: Jana Nemeckova, published: 11th January 2018

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Once more, let's start with the fact that Pot-8-0s left 11 successors. Bonnie Scotland wasn't the oldest one of them chronologically, but he was the descendant of Waverley, who was the oldest one from the four sons of Whalebone - Waverley, Camel, Defence and Sir Hercules - who continued the line. Bonnie Scotland was exported to the United States in 1858, at the age of five, and became the leading sire in 1880 and 1882. He founded a sireline which influenced the American breeding in an inexpressible way: even a little-experienced reader can realize that without this line, there would be no Nijinsky, no Damascus, Dr. Fager, Native Dancer, Seattle Slew, Ack Ack, Danzig or even Bold Ruler.

Bonnie Scotland is also one of the lines, which has its own timeline published. Also, it can be found in the comparison of the U.S. sirelines.

Just like in the case of the previous part, we weren't able to complete the text part yet, but the scheme was ready for publication.

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