Thoroughbred Sirelines: General Overview

Author: Jana Nemeckova, published: 7th October 2017, updated: December 2017

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We all know that from various Arabian or Barb stallions, who were brought to England in the 17th and 18th century and who were the foundation sires of the modern horse breed called thoroughbred, only three were able to establish their own sireline which continues up to today. But now it's three hundred years later, and more than 20 thoroughbred generations have passed. It's not always easy to recall who's who - not even the grandsire, all the more so the whole sireline.

So we created the BASIC scheme and both historical and modern branching of all three lines, including many of the fundamental stallions, just to have a clear starting point to understanding thoroughbred sirelines. It's neither complete, nor much informative; it's really supposed to be only "a skeleton" of thoroughbred breeding, easy to use and to understand for everybody.

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