Origins Of the Breed II: from King Fergus to St. Simon

Author: Jana Nemeckova, published: 11th January 2018

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Darley Arabian's sireline, as explained in the previous article, survived in two major branches: the one of King Fergus, and the one of Pot-8-Os. While Pot-8-Os's line further developed into 11 more major lines, King Fergus was left with only one, which led to Voltigeur's son Vedette.

Vedette was one of the ending points in the scheme in the previous article, so this scheme of the rest of the line will continue from him. We weren't able to complete the text part of this article, and also the interlinking is missing, because most of the horses in the scheme are too far in the future. However, we believe that the full schemes of sirelines of St. Simon and Sundridge are worth presenting on their own.

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